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Xie Haishan, Excellent Volunteer

Date:2014-06-04     Visitors:17996

Xie Haishan

  When I was in primary school, there were many old people living between my house and school. Their children went to other cities to work, left them home. They always sit in front of their house and keep silence. I was acting like a young adult at that time; I said “hi” to all of them, and they smile back. Their laugh and voice echoed in the street, I can’t help but wave back to them. Then, I ask my friends to help me. We cleaned their room, helped them in our free time. We kept doing this, and it finally becomes a habit.
  In 2004, I went to Beijing for undergraduate study. In 2007, I set up Starlight Volunteer Association to encourage more people to care about old people around them and start “Project Starlight with Sunset” for caring old people. We looked after some seniors in the community, go to their apartment every week. I met Fu Yiquan (106 years old), Mr. Li (90 years old), and Mr. Shang. Professor Sun is one of the men we always visited; he had brain disease in 2006. His apartment is in an old building and there is no elevator. His mother looked after him, but she has a bad leg. It’s hard for her to walk to somewhere. I called some volunteers to spend some time with them twice a week during holidays.
  After the Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010, I shared my stories and pictures to all my elder friends. They take look at a wider world through us. They will all have better life.

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