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Su Shifeng, Excellent Volunteer

Date:2011-06-02     Visitors:18276

  Su Shifeng, male, Han Nationality, born in September, 1962, General Manager of a decoration company.
  Since Mr. Su launched Beijing Environment Friends Voluntary Service Team in 2007, he and his team members have left footage in various mountains around Beijing, e.g. Mt. Xiangshan, Mt. Xiaoxishan, Eight Great Sights, Mt. Baiwang, Mt. Jiulong, etc. where they planted reminder signboards for environment awareness and got rid of litters. After the May 12 Earthquake, he printed more than 10,000 post-disaster psychological assistance manuals at his own expense and visited the quake-stricken areas personally for psychological intervention treatment. To prevent epidemics in the disaster areas, he led the volunteers to pick up garbage and sterilized the environment against any disease. Every Sunday he takes volunteers to visit the elderly and disabled children in the nursing homes and Beijing Songtang Hospital and provide assistance. Besides, he has long engaged in anti-drug publicity and drug abusers relieving and assistance programs and AIDS prevention and treatment programs. He has adopted 3 AIDS orphans. For years he had been an active blood donation advocator and has donated more than 10,000ml blood and taken the lead in donating apheresis platelet.
  The honors he has been awarded include: One of the 8th Batch of Chinese Excellent Young Volunteers by Central Committee of Communist Youth League of China (CYLC), Excellent Volunteer Individual at Olympic Games and Paralympics Games by Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, one of Top 10 Anti-Drug Volunteers, etc.

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