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The Tripartite Meeting of the First Quarter in 2018 on UN Volunteer Service Cooperation Project Held

Date:2018-02-05     Visitors:789


  The Tripartite Meeting

  The tripartite meeting of the first quarter in 2018 on International Volunteer Service Cooperation Project Training was held in Beijing Youth League on 1st February 2018.

  Officials attending the meeting include Zheng Kun, Country Programme Assistant of UNV China; Li Jian, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Youth League; Liu Jun, Chief of International Talents Exchange and Cooperation Division of CICETE; Li Huaying, Deputy Chief of International Talents Exchange and Cooperation Division of CICETE; Li Lei, Deputy Director of Beijing Volunteer Service Guidance Center, and the staffs of International Affairs Division of BVF.

  On the meeting, project managers from UNV, CICETE and BVF discussed on some concrete problems involved in the implementation of project.BVF firstly made a summary of the project progress in 2017, and introduced the annual work plan of the project in 2018. The three parties exchanged opinions and advice on the advancement of “Belt and Road” Volunteer Service Alliance, the deployment of UN Youth volunteers and how to integrate the project into national strategies. The meeting was a full success.

  BYL, BVF, UNDP, UNV and CICETE have jointly held 3 volunteer service programmes since 2007. In 2007, the project of Promoting Development of China Volunteer Service through Beijing Olympic Games was initiated to summarize, transform and popularize the advanced experience and achievement of Beijing Olympic Games so as to make volunteer service more influential. In 2012, Strengthening Voluntary Service Development through Civic Participation and Regional and International Cooperation improved Beijing volunteer service resource platform, hoisted the ability of volunteer service organizations and made volunteer service more open to the world.

  On 14th September 2016, UNDP, UNV, CICETEA and BVF jointly launched the cooperation programme of Strengthening China's Involvement in the Development of International Volunteer Service though South-South Cooperation and The Belt and Road Initiative. As the third phase of cooperation with UN volunteer service organization, it would cover 3 years. The project focuses on integrating domestic and international resources, improving professional ability of volunteer organizations, establishing talents cultivation channel and expanding external influence. It is expected to improve the international level of Beijing and China’s volunteer service.

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