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Beijing Hongdandan Education & Cultural Exchange Center – Excellent Volunteer Organization

Date:2011-06-02     Visitors:17849

  Beijing Hongdandan Education & Cultural Exchange Center (hereinafter referred to as Hongdandan), founded in July, 2003 in Beijing, is committed to providing barrier-free cultural products and services for the visually impaired through audio guide technologies and by creating an inclusive and supportive environment for the visually impaired. The projects conducted include:

  1) Movies in Heart – Narrating movies for the blind

  In July, 2005, the “Movies in Heart” Program was initiated to address the blind’s needs for visual information, with an aim to involve the blind in the movies by precise verbal narration. As of June, 2010, more than 240 such activities have been held, involving about 10,000 volunteers and more than 10,000 blind people. The activities are based on: (1) On-site Narration Mode– in which the volunteers provide face-to-face narration for the blind while watching the movie; and (2) Broadcasting or CD Narration Mode – in which the blind listen to the narration broadcast or CD and get a better understanding of the movie.

  2) DG Reading – Reading a Good Book for the Blind

  The volunteers record their reading and provide the visually disabled with audio books to broaden their knowledge and enrich their life.

  3) Drama Studio

  The Drama Studio is made up of the visually disabled, experts and volunteers. They organize chorus, recitals and drama shows together to engage the blind in cultural activities, enhance their self-confidence and will to inspire more people.

  4) Happy Fitness

  The volunteers hold regular activities themed “Happy Fitness” with the visually impaired and share tips on health.

  5) Blind-aid Volunteer Team (Blind-aid Emergency Team) Building

  A better informed volunteer can better serve the blind’s needs. Learning, practice and growth opportunities are provided for the volunteers and an effective blind-aid volunteer management system has taken shape.

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