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Han Song, Excellent Volunteer

Date:2011-06-02     Visitors:17454

  Han Song is a warm-hearted medical volunteer. He has paid regular visits to the families of martyrs and servicemen and the elderly widows or widowers, providing medical assistance. Knowing for the inconvenience for the elderly to go to hospitals, he has kept paying door visits once every two weeks and provided medical advice and healthy life coaching for 10 years. As an oculist, he visited primary schools in remote mountain and mining areas as well as those under Hope Project and provided information on common eye diseases prevention and treatment. He has served for the benefit of many migrant workers and their kids from Shougang mines, remote mountain areas and places outside Beijing. He participated in China’s blindness prevention activities and provided free diagnosis and treatment for residents in poverty-stricken areas in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning and Yunnan. For people who cannot afford for treatment, he always gives away his deposit for living expense to the local poor farmers.

  The honors Han Song has been awarded include: Excellent Volunteer in Beijing Youth Health Envoy Torch Action, one of Beijing Top 10 Volunteers in 2006, Excellent Volunteer at Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games, China Top 100 Volunteer.

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