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Zhang Danuo, Excellent Volunteer

Date:2011-06-02     Visitors:17274

  Since 2003, Zhang Danuo has been volunteering for the elderly, in particular the high-risk and dying patients in Beijing Songtang Care Hospital. During these 8 years, he has kept visiting the Songtang Hospital four or five times every week, about 10 hours per week, more than 2,000 hours in total, as a long-time companion of about 50-60 high-risk or dying patients. While volunteering, he summarized methodologies and techniques in patient care and completed 100,000-word memos which he shared with other volunteers. He made more than 20 lectures in universities and enterprises, raising awareness on high-risk old people. Since 2008, he has guided about 40 disabled persons in writing about their stories, hoping to inspire more disabled persons. Under his guidance, 3 works have been published. He never charged any disabled friend, although he had to bear costs for long-distance calls. Besides, he was awarded as “Excellent Volunteer Individual at Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games” thanks to his excellence in sports commentating for the disabled.

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