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Cheng Xu, Excellent Volunteer

Date:2011-06-02     Visitors:922

  Cheng Xu, male, Han Nationality, born in August, 1986, Master’s Degree, Head of Volunteeri Team of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT).

  After volunteering in the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Cheng Xu and the Volunteer Team of Beijing University of Chemical Technology initiated the “Volunteering in Communities” campaign and carried out volunteer activities in residential communities, such as assistance to the elderly and the disabled, law awareness raising, low-carbon lifestyle promotion and community English corners. He excels in making the volunteer service more professional based on project operation modes. He founded the “BUCT Volunteering Fund” and since 2010 he has dedicated to assisting the disadvantaged. He founded the first football team for migrant children in Beijing in Jiangtaiwa Primary School. As of now, he has served as volunteer in more than 10 volunteer bases and in 7 communities for more than 500 hours.

  Cheng Xu was awarded as one of the 8th Edition of the Chinese Excellent Young Volunteers by the Central Committee of CYLC.

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