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Zhao Nan, The first five-star Beijing volunteers

Date:2015-10-10     Visitors:18053

  In aerospace, a hospital active in the formation of such a young team, they gather strength with love, dedication to duty, service to others, this is a hospital worker from the aerospace Zhao Nan sponsored volunteer agency, officially registered in BVF , determined to serve the public welfare caring team.

  Zhao Nan led the volunteer community to follow "to help children grow up happy, help the elderly to age," the mission of implementing the "to do everything I can to make love to make the trip" concept, and actively carry out long-term to help the old and the weak, book donations to schools, community service social welfare activities and other activities and some of its obligations, to help people in need of help, to show the younger generation of astronauts new spirit. Meanwhile Zhao Nan was also named the 2013 Beijing Fengtai District filial piety Star and stars.

  Respect for the elderly to help the old, highly respected people since ancient times is the traditional virtues. Aerospace a family area surrounding the hospital part of the elderly living lonely emptiness, especially some sick old man, accompanied by relatives and their lack of greeting, in order to allow elderly who can spend their remaining years, Zhao Nan led by volunteer community spirit of love and dedication, Caring for the elderly is the purpose of each person's duty to initiate the establishment of a team to help the old service, launched a volunteer community action in hand, the import community volunteer work, closely and area committees responsible for police, regularly empty nesters and elderly communities offer visits, companionship and unpaid housework and other diversified services, in conjunction with the production of anti-fraud police promos area, so that old people be vigilant, to prevent criminals defrauding money from the incident, and to carry forward the traditional virtues of building a harmonious community of hospital a force to jointly promote the "look after" and "love old, Respect, care, help the old" in society.

  In 2014, Zhao Nan community Wanyuan East in cooperation with the community opened a community for the elderly elderly mobile phone and computer basics classroom volunteer projects, mainly elderly teach the basics of some of the basic phone and computer basics, such as in mobile phones How to teach elderly people to send text messages, how to connect to the network, how to use the micro-channel chat with their loved ones. In computer terms such as teach the elderly how to turn the machine, how to use word documents, how the Internet, how to online shopping and online registration of such knowledge, as of September this year, the classroom has opened nearly six courses, old people listen very carefully and reaction Good. Meanwhile Zhao Nan has led volunteer club members have conducted fund-raising activities of each quarter Wanyuan destitute old people in the East, there are five destitute old people, they are the widow of aerospace workers, children suffering from mental illness in part, At the same time they have only meager retirement pay, after his wife died of their life is extremely difficult, when Zhao Nan by Wanyuan East Village community service centers know this thing very seriously, and soon a hospital volunteer organization aerospace club members have conducted fundraising The main fund-raising items for the old people are: edible oil, rice, green beans, millet, noodles, toilet paper, milk, eggs, laundry detergent, etc., by the old man moved.

  Meanwhile, Zhao Nan led the volunteer agency also carried out to the next round elementary school children of migrant workers and the poor primary school in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous nine A book donation elementary student activities center, a hospital aerospace workers will donate books to the children in the hands of the Workers who love to pass to their children, so that children enjoy the knowledge of the sun and rain, as they open a window of knowledge. In 2013 Space Camp A Central Primary School in September, Zhao Nan Contact Beijing Automobile Museum museum lets kids free admission to the Beijing Automobile Museum, and also organized members who raise money for the children of the hundreds of books and a lot of stationery.

  In 2014 ACPE period, Comrade Zhao Nan response BVF, Fengtai Mission District's call for volunteers and 30 consecutive service six days Services Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, and by the leadership of the Mission District, Fengtai and high praise one pair of Comrade Zhao Nan attached letter of thanks as thanks.

  Comrade Zhao Nan, a hospital volunteer in leading aerospace community members respect and care for the young, it is also the obligation to help young singles were recreational activities, Comrade Zhao Nan Joint Beijing Youth League Party Committee, Beijing Customs Chang caring team, Xinhua News Agency, four aerospace systems Hospital, Daxing Board of Education, who love North Green Club, edge to you and many other agencies and enterprises joint, indoor fraternity organization currently five games, 16 games outdoor recreational organizations, by young single friends alike.

  Zhao Nan's stories, there are many, he led them to the nursing home for the elderly members warmth, a museum volunteer instructors when they are always with action interpretation of the "gifts of roses, hand a fragrance" means.

  Achieve "China Dream" is a better long-cherished wish of the Chinese people, "China Dream" basic content, including the country's prosperity, national rejuvenation and people's happiness. The ancients said:. "World affairs shall be in fine, both ancient and modern flourished as in reality" only down to earth, do what we can persevere in a "dream" move forward "dream" can become a reality.

  Volunteer work with their community are slowly converging drip love love torrent. They used bits and pieces of practical action interpretation of the mutual love of one touching story, but also an increasing number of people infected with, willing to lend a caring hand to support volunteer activities, give their love, to show the younger generation of astronauts new spirit. Every volunteer to volunteer in service to others can personal experience to help others at the same time as this happiness, feel the baptism of a pure soul, harvest joy and satisfaction.

  Volunteers believe that if everyone on curbing the world's dismal apathy, more of a love, while participation can bring more people to take up social responsibility to plain love, return to the community, service to others . Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said, "the core of volunteerism is the service, unity of ideals and together we can make this world a better place for faith." Volunteer community volunteers who do their best, tirelessly the dedication, friendship, mutual aid, the progress of volunteerism taken to a hospital every corner.

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