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Zeng Gang,The first five star Beijing volunteers

Date:2015-10-10     Visitors:17326

  1. The capital of blood donation volunteers to join the Association, to participate in blood donation vehicle / shelter services and blood donor care activities, to participate in a total donation of whole blood and blood components 2200ml six units, patient love generous heart, drops of blood to save lives;

  2. Add the Beijing Emergency Corps volunteer, participate in the "neighborhood watch Green Beijing" comprehensive emergency services, disaster prevention and mitigation Day campaign theme, earthquake relief and technical training / re-training, Hill Domain rescue technical training / re-training, dredging activities, volunteer campaign theme, Mountain skill Exchange Conference, Beijing, Tianjin and joint emergency drills and other activities in this team feel the most is the study of knowledge and practice, learn not the purpose, if there is a critical moment, calm and effective use of the knowledge Processing is the last word. Often in life danger at the moment, how to avoid and how to respond after the occurrence of the emergency core;

  3. Add the Beijing smile volunteer service teams, involved in the daily service subway Junbo Station and Beijing West station, subway Tiananmen East Station, Tiananmen West Station, Wangfujing Station, Xidan station and other holiday services, the organization team in university experience subway services to a growing The more people involved;

  4. Add volunteer answers online at Beijing team, three times a week to participate in the online answer service, and actively with the team of volunteers to exchange experience, better understand the hardships behind the workers. Adhere to publish twice a day sooner or later, weather information and reassuring language services in various teams of volunteers, a daily direct audience 2138 people;

  5. Add a new generation of fostering new team, participate Junbo Station One line service, service transfer station, let outsiders feel the warmth from Beijing.

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