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Wang Tao,The first five-star Beijing volunteers

Date:2015-05-27     Visitors:17306

  From May 4, 2006 began, Wang Tao in order to put an end to all kinds of individual behavior to discourage uncivilized behavior, advocated green woodpeckers action from his stop spitting and littering in Tiananmen Square began to discourage disorderly stop running red lights, public places loudly; the occurrence of various conflicts from coordination to curb smoking in public places street, "Beijing curse"; garbage from the community to lead a low-carbon life. Every day of volunteer service to guide public civilization, and today a total halt to discourage all kinds of uncivilized behavior five million times, self-financing fifty thousand yuan to establish a "Chinese ban sputum net", to create green woodpeckers welfare associations, more than a dozen cities nationwide have Join the green woodpecker action, the audience number five thousand people, more than a hundred Chinese and foreign media coverage.

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