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Physical InformationNaruto Shippuden Character TenTen
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Birthday: 03/09
Bloodtype: B
Height: 155.6 cm (Pt 1)
Weight: 43.1 kg (Pt 1)

Ninja Information
Registration ID: 012573
Hidden Village: Leaf
Rank: Chuunin
Team: Maito Gai, Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 36
First Anime Appearance: Episode 21
Name Meaning: Moving about or spot, In hiragana or katakana it indicates a diacritical value changing the phonetic value of the marked character
Note: Like her teammates, TenTen bears certain Chinese stylings including her name and her style of hair and dress.

Background Story:

Tenten Tenten in Naruto part 2
part I part II
Rank: Genin (part I), Chuunin (part II)
Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee
Might Guy (Gai)
Specialties: Weapons expert, Long range marksman
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.36, Naruto ep. 21
Affiliations: Konoha
Age: 13 (I), 16 (II) (March 9)
Height: 5.06 ft
Weight: 93.0 lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?
Tenten is a member of Team Gai and one of the Konoha 11. Her hairstyle consists of two buns which purposely make her resemble a panda (the style of Tenten’s name is consistent with how the Chinese name their pandas). Of the original Konoha 11, Tenten has the least amount of appearances in the Naruto series and has the least character development. In the Naruto manga, her only battle was against Temari during the Chuunin exam, but only the ending (Tenten’s defeat) is shown. Only the Naruto anime filled in the actually battle scenes.

Tenten is usually level headed and is a good complement to Neji Hyuuga. Part of this is because neither of them can keep up with the pace of Lee and Gai. Tenten is a long range specialist with amazing throwing accuracy. Might Gai once said that Tenten can hit a bullseye 100 times out of 100. Tenten primarily replies on metallic throwing weapons like shurikens and kunais. Because her attacks are strictly physical, they can be blocked or deflected by powerful jutsus which also rely on chakra. In these cases, Tenten often resorts to increasing the numbers of projectile and using explosive tagged weapons. In Naruto part I, Tenten relied on various summoning scrolls to supply her with her arms. In part II, she has consolidated all her scrolls into one large scroll which is usually slung behind her back.

Abilities and Jutsus:
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Weapon Summoning Scroll (Item)
Originally, Tenten had relied on various smaller scrolls to summon her weapons. In Part II, she consolidated everything into one large scroll and has increased the size, quantity and variety of her arsenal.
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Twin Rising Dragons (Ninjutsu)
This is one of Tenten's most powerful techniques. Two scrolls are launched vertically and spin through the air in a helix. Tenten leaps into the center and continuously summons weapons to throw at her opponent as the scrolls rise.
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Wired Weapons (Item)
Tenten may attach near invisible wires to her weapons. This allows Tenten to pull a sneak attack on her enemy by retrieving her thrown weapons to launch a second wave of attack.
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Explosive Kunai (Weapon)
Explosive tagged weapons are generally reserved by Tenten for more powerful enemies that can block her conventional attacks. She can also attach fake explosive tags to throw the enemy off.
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Spiked Trap (Weapon)
A metallic ball an explosive tag and a shield of kunai covering its exterior. It is thrown at the enemy and explodes on contact, launching its kunai in all directions.
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Twin Dragon Scattering Destruction (Ninjutsu)
A powerful technique used by Tenten in the Naruto Shippuuden anime. Tenten launches her large scroll into the air and releases from it her entire arsenal of weapons.
Tenten - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Kusari-Gama (Weapon)
A sickle and chain weapon combination weapon. The chain has a weight on the end and can be used to entangle an opponent while sickle is used to finish him off.

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