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Jutsus of Naruto

Click on one of the Jutsus below to learn about the various techniques. Click EasyEdit to add what you know.
See: Naruto Jutsu Techniques for an introduction to the Jutsus.
Naruto Fuuinjutsu - Sealing Jutsu
Naruto Fuuinjutsu
Naruto Ninjutsu - Secrecy and Skill Techniques
Naruto Ninjutsu
Naruto Bloodline Jutsu
Naruto Bloodline Jutsu
Naruto Genjutsu - Illusion Techniques
Naruto Genjutsu
Naruto Doujutsu - Eye Jutsu
Naruto Doujutsu
Naruto Kinjutsu - Forbidden Jutsu
Naruto Kinjutsu
Naruto Jutsu - Skills
Naruto Jutsu Other Skills
Naruto Taijutsu - Body Techniques
Naruto Taijutsu

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