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Appeared in (manga): Chapter 382
(anime): Tales of the Gutsy Ninja~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll ~ Part 2
Birthdate: July 10
Age: Unknown
Height: 165.0 cm
Weight: 47.0
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Family Background: Uzumaki Naruto(Son)
Namikaze Minato(Lover)


According to Jiraiya, Kushina was talkative and a tomboyish girl.
According to Tsunade, much of Naruto's personality was inherited
from her. As an adult, she was shown to be very level-headed and
cheerful. She appeared to be very prim and proper.

Some time before the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha,
Kushina and Minato Namikaze, became lovers and would
eventually have had at the time, their unborn child, Naruto.
One time when Jiraiya came to visit, Minato announced that
they where going to name their unborn son after the main
character in his first book. It was then Kushina revealed herself,
saying that Naruto was a beautiful name.

Tsunade stated that Kushina had an excellent ninjutsu and is
further implied when she said that she was badly
wanted by Kumogakure to the point that they kidnapped her
resulting to the great unrest in Konoha. She
confirmed that she has a special chakra in her chat with Naruto.
In the chapter 499 it was revealed that she was the former
Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.

minato and kushina
Minato carrying Kushina in a bridal style after rescuing her

Minato and Kushina Love Story:

Kushina Uzumaki was a transferee student of Konoha Academy from moving in from the Land of Whirlpool. There she met Minato Namikaze, Naruto's future father and Konoha hero and Hokage. At first, she thought of Minato as "like a flaky girly-boy" due to his outward appearance. Upon being asked what would be her future dream, she replied in a loud manner: "I said, I'm gonna be the First Lady Hokage!"
The proclamation of her dream led to her being disliked, and thus earned the nickname "Tomato" because of her very round face and fiery red hair. The boys that bullied Kushina were beaten up by her. After seeing her wild red hair flailing around while she beat them up, she earned the new moniker(probably stuck to her on her stay in Konoha) "The Bloody Habanero".
Kushina responded negatively when Minato said his dream on his future as being a Hokage, saying that Minato would never be a hokage being a goofy flake. She stated to Naruto that she looked Minato down in her youth.
It is revealed that she has a "bit" special chakra that made her chased by Kumo nins and kidnapped. To let the pursuit squad of Konoha to find her, she pulled her hair out one at a time and dropped them to mark the way she took. Coincidentally, only Minato picked up her trail distinguishing her red strands of hair.
On her rescue, Kushina's hair was complimented by Minato, she immediately loved Minato after that and also because of it, she began to love her hair.

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