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Rank: S-rank, Missing Nin
Partners: Pein
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.238, Identity revealed: Naruto manga ch.363
Affiliations: Akatsuki
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Blood Type: ?
Chakra Type: ?
Konan is the last Akatsuki member to have her name revealed, she is often seen together with Pein. She is the only female member of the ten ring-bearing members of Akatsuki and wears a decorative paper flower. Her Akatsuki ring has the character for 'White' and she wears it on her right middle finger. Konan's powers appear to be paper based, she has the ability to transform her body into thousands of pieces of oragami paper. Each individual sheet can fold itself into different shapes, such as butterflies for reconnaissance missions.

Abilities and Jutsus:
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Form (Bloodline?)
Konan has the ability to transform and separate her body into thousands of pieces of oragami paper. Each one is able to fold itself into whatever form suits the mission. It also appears that she can take critical damage while in the paper form and still reform her body using scraps of paper.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Butterfly (Ninjutsu)
By turning her body into millions of paper butterflies, Konan has the ability to conduct surveillence over a wide area, simultaneously observing multiple sectors.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Airplane (Ninjutsu)
A more aerodynamic form that Konan can fold her paper pieces into. It is used when Konan needs to arrive at a location swiftly.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Swarm (Ninjutsu)
This attack swarms the target with a storm of paper that bind the body in tight layers until the target cannot move.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Concealment (Ninjutsu)
A special ability that allows Konan to compress her paper body onto any flat surface, making her essentially undetectable.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Shurikens (Ninjutsu) (Weapon)
One of the first paper abilities Konan learned was to make shurikens out of paper. Her ability to control the the properties of paper makes these projectiles extra sharp and swift.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Weapons (Ninjutsu) (Weapon)
Konan was first seen making a spear out of a coil of paper, but it is likely that she can make any type of melee weapon using paper.
Konan - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Paper Wings (Ninjutsu)
The wings are more for show since Konan already has the ability to fly and hover in her paper form. Konan can perform an attack with the wings by launching the blades of paper in its structure down at opponents below.

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