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Physical InformationNaruto Shippuden Character Kabuto Yakushi
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Birthday: 02/29
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 176.2 cm (Pt 1)
Weight: 65 kg (Pt 1)

Ninja Information
Registration ID: 012140
Hidden Village: Sound
Rank: - (Jounin Level)
Team: Akadou Yoroi (Former), Tsurugi Misumi (Former), Unnamed Jounin Sensei (Former)
Current: Missing-Nin

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 39
First Anime Appearance: Episode 23
Name Meaning: Yakushi=Short for Buddhist Healing God, Kabuto="Helmet"

Background Story:

Rank: S-Rank, Missing Nin
Sensei: Orochimaru
Specialties: Medical jutsu
Affiliations: Sound, Konoha (former), Akatsuki (former)
Age: 19 (I), 22 (II)
Height: 5.78 feet
Weight: 143.3 lb
Blood Type: AB
Chakra Type: ?

Kabuto is a talented medical ninj who works in Orochimaru’s organization as his right-hand man and personal medical assistant. He is fanatically loyal to Orochimaru, but has been known to disobey Orochimaru’s orders at times. Kabuto was a war orphan who was found on a battlefield by the chief of the Konoha Medical Unit. The chief took in young Kabuto and raised him as his own son. Kabuto learned much of his extensive medical ninjutsu knowledge from his adoptive father.

At some point, Kabuto was caught by Sasori of the Red Sand, who used a mind manipulation jutsu to turn Kabuto into one of his suboordiantes. Kabuto was used to spy on many shinobi villages. He was eventually sent by Sasori to infiltrate Orochimaru’s organization after Orochimaru betrayed left Akatsuki. However, Orochimaru broke Kabuto free of Sasori’s jutsu and was able to convince Kabuto to willingly join his group. Kabuto has been very valuable to Orochimaru as both a medical expert and a skilled spy, such as using his status as Konoha Genin to help infiltrate the Chuunin Exam. Kabuto has also benefitted greatly from Orochimaru as he is provided with numerous human bodies to test and perfect new drugs and techniques. After Orochimaru’s apparent defeat by Sasuke, an obsessive Kabuto incorprated part of Orochimaru’s cells in his own body in a twisted attempt to become more like Orochimaru and to gain power. But the cells soon began to take over the rest of his body.

In battle, Kabuto is highly agile fighter who employs his medical ninjutsu and knowledge of the human body to deadly effect. One of his most used techniques is to use an advanced version of the Mystical Palm technique to sever chakra sinews inside to cause internal damage to muscles and vital organs. Kabuto also has a powerful regenerative ability that allowed him to survive one of Naruto’s Rasengan attacks. It is unknown what Kabuto’s exact ninja rank may be, but he has demonstrated to be able to stand off against Kakashi Hatake and kill ANBU members with ease. He was also able to best Tsunade in battle (by exploiting her hemophobia), who remarked that Kabuto’s abilities surpassed her when she was his age.

Abilities and Jutsus:
shikon no jutsu Shikon no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)
A jutsu which allows Kabuto to manipulate a dead body temporarily by controlling its heartbeat. He can even use it as a decoy by disguising the body to look like him.
mystic palm Mystic Palm (Ninjutsu)
As a medical ninja, Kabuto is especially skilled in the Mystic Palm jutsu. However, he uses it offensively in combat to deadly effect by paralyzing muscles and damaging internal organs

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