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Hidden Mist village - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!!

Name: Kirigakure
Village leader: Mizukage

Description: Kirigakure literally "Village Hidden in Mist" is the hidden village of the Land of Water. Kirigakure's leader is the Mizukage. Its ninja specialize in water-based jutsu. In the past, Kirigakure was well known for its inhuman Genin enlistment exam, where students who had been friends were pitted against each other and forced to fight to the death, though the method was cut short when academy-enlistment failure Zabuza Momochi killed all of the students in that year's graduating class. The seven greatest ninja in the village are known as the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and each one wields a large sword-like weapon. This village was once the home of the famous Kaguya clan, the battle-loving clan who had a kekkei genkai ability allowing them to control their own bones, though they were wiped out, save Kimimaro Kaguya, when they went to war with their own village. This village had a civil war against it's bloodline clans before the series started, but they were not very successful, but now Kirigakure has used these clans to their own advantage to become one of the 5 great shinobi villages

Village Nick name: Bloody Mist village

Hidden Mist village - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Hidden Mist village - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! In order for a Ninja Academy student to graduate and become a Genin in the Hidden Mist Village, he or she had to fight, with one of the same friends they trained with, to the death. But all of this had to be changed 10 years ago when one of that year's students, who failed to pass the preliminary exam, went beserk and killed over 100 peers without hesitation. This child was called Momochi Zabuza. After the incident they changed the final exam for the graduating class. In chapter 303 Yamato states that Sai was also subjected to this method of training in preparation to serve under Danzo's Root division.

Famous Ninja:

Seven Swordsmen of the Mist

Hidden Mist village - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! Hidden Mist village - NARUTOFAN GALORE!!!! The strongest and most famous ninjas of the hidden Mist, are known as the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. All of its members wield a unique weapon. Momochi Zabuza, Hoshigaki Kisame and Raiga Kurosuki are the only known members at this time. Out of those three only Kisame is still alive at the moment. The identities of the other four are still unknown.

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