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Physical InformationNaruto Shippuden Character Akimichi Chouji
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Birthday: 05/01
Bloodtype: B
Height: 156.3 cm (Pt 1)
Weight: 69.3 kg (Pt 1)

Ninja Information
Registration ID: 012625
Hidden Village: Leaf
Rank: Chuunin
Team: 10 - Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, Sarutobi Asuma (Deaceased)

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 34
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
Name Meaning: Akimichi= "Autumn Road", Chouji= "Chou" means Butterfly; "ji" can mean child or love
Note: Chouji, takes the part of the Butterfly in the Hanafuda "Ino(Boar), Shika(Deer), Chou(Butterfly)" card combo hand.

Background Story:

Choji Akimichi in part 2

Choji Akimichi
Rank: Genin (part I), Chuunin (part II)
Teammates: Ino Yamanaka
, Shikamaru Nara
(Twenty Platoons):
Ino Yamanaka, Raido Namiashi, Aoba Yamashiro
Asuma Sarutobi
Specialties: Multi-Size technique
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.39, Naruto ep.1
Affiliations: Konoha
Age: 12 (I), 15 (II) (May 1)
Height: 5.13 ft
Weight: 150.6 lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?

Choji isn’t what you would normally imagine when you think of the word ‘ninja.’ He is rather rotund and has an insatiable appetite for food, and often eats during middle of missions, making stealth tactics somewhat difficult. He is a member of Team 10 under Asuma and forms the Ino-Shika-Cho trio with teammates Ino Choji AkimichiYamanaka and Shikamaru Nara. The name 'Choji' means "butterfly" and there are many instances in the series where Choji is seen with butterflies. Choji has been best friends with Shikamaru ever since their childhoods. Shikamaru befriended Choji when all the other kids would not let him play because he was chubby. Choji will unquestionably follow Shikamaru’s leadership and becomes angry when anyone insults his friend.

Choji is very sensitive about his size and becomes very aggressive whenever someone calls him “fatso.” People like Naruto and Shikamaru who grew up with Choji know this well, and do everything they can to stop others from making this same mistake before things get messy. However, in a combat situation, this method may be helpful to get Choji into fighting mode quickly. Choji prefers to call himself big-boned and one his favorite cheers is "Poccharikei Banzai" (Hurray for the Chubby). Another way to get Choji motivated is to use chouji and shikamarufood. Choji is often seen chomping down on bags of potato chips, but his favorite food is yakiniku (Japanese/Korean BBQ). Asuma had the habit of rewarding his team with yakiniku whenever they successfully complete a tough mission; but with Choji on his team this often results in Asuma emptying out his wallet.

As a member of the Akimichi clan, Choji uses his large size to his advantage in combat. His most basic technique is Multi-Size jutsu and it allows him to increase the size and strength of certain parts or his entire body by increasing chakra output. This makes Choji primarily taijutsu type fighter, but his attacks depend more on raw physical power than precision strikes. Choji’s purely offensive jutsus make him an ideal teammate to Ino and Shikamaru who can set the enemy up for his attacks using their support jutsu.

Battle Record:
Ino, Choji, Shikamaru vs Sound genin (episode 33) Unresolved
Choji vs Dosu Kinuta (episode 51) Loss
Choji vs Jirobo (episode 112-114) Win

Abilities and Jutsus:
Multi-size Multi-Size (Ninjutsu)
The Multi-Size technique allows Choji to expand to several times his normal size. When Choji was still a genin, the Multi-Size technique only ballooned his body into a large round shape.
partial Multi-size Partial Multi-Size (Ninjutsu)
As Choji became more skilled, he was able to perform Multi-Size on only parts of his body. For example, by only channelling chakra to his hands, Choji enlarges them so that his punches and grip become far more powerful.
super multi-size Super Multi-Size (Ninjutsu)
An upgraded version of the Multi-Size technique that literally turns Choji into a giant. In this state, he can destroy enemies just by falling on them with his huge body mass.
Human Bullet Tank Human Bullet Tank (Taijutsu)
Once in his Multi-Sized state, Choji can retract his head and limbs into his increased body mass, forming round shape. By spinning at fast speeds, Choji literally rolls towards his opponent and attempts to crush them. This spinning sphere of meat is surprisingly fast and is able to bounce into the air, but cannot manoeuvre well once it is in motion.
Spiked Human Bullet Tank Spiked Human Bullet Tank (Taijutsu)
A variation on the Human Bullet Tank where Choji wraps his body in kunai or, as in part II, use a technique to sharpen his hair to get a similar effect. This variant does more damage because it cuts as well as crushes the target.
Akimichi Pills Akimichi Clan Pills (Item)
A set of three colored pills that are unique to the Akimichi clan and are only used in emergencies. Each pill packs tremendous amounts of energy, but have the side effect of harming the body. The strength of the pills increase from green to yellow to red.
Choji butterfly Butterfly Transformation (Special)
After consuming the red pill, Choji grows a pair of butterfly wings made from chakra. In this state, he is 100 times stronger than normal. However, the price of this transformation is that the body is pushed beyond its limits and Choji risks dying if he does not receive medical help immediately.

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